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    Binh Phuc, Vietnam, October 25, 2023 — The Strategic Sports Team was thrilled to welcome representatives from world-renowned design powerhouse Jett Development Group as the first visiting customers to visit their brand-new manufacturing facility in Vietnam.



    韜略團隊歡迎世界設計巨頭JETT DEVELOPMENT GROUP”參觀越南全新工廠。

    We are very excited to show the Jett people our new factory,” Norman Cheng, Managing Director of Strategic Sports LTD, said. “A long list of exceptional products and innovations have come from Jett, including many action sports helmet designs, and we would be happy to work with them in the future,” Cheng said.
    The Vietnam factory, located North of Ho Chi Minh City in Binh Phuc, will offer fully integrated vertical manufacturing processes and is a green facility utilizing renewable energy and recycled rainwater. In recent years, Strategic Sports has invested heavily to address climate change at their China and Portugal factories, including ISO 14064 Certification, SBTi target approval, and the use of regrind, recycled and biobased materials. These practices and certifications, among others, will also be applied to the new Vietnam factory.

    韜略-越南工廠位于胡志明市北部的平福省,這里有全流程的頭盔垂直制造工藝,同時也是一個利用可再生能源和回收雨水的綠色設施工廠;近幾年,韜略在中國和葡萄牙的工廠投入了大量資金來應對氣候變化,包括ISO 14064認證、SBTi目標設定推動,以及使用回收和生物基材料。這些做法和認證等也將適用于越南的新工廠。